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    I Have Two Hard Disks One 500 GB Sata and second 40 GB
    On SATA Hard Disk There are 4 Partions ( C , D , E , F )
    40 GB Hard Disk Have ( G , H ) partions Previously I Have Installed XP SP3 on C : Dive and Windows 7 on D: Drive But Due Some reason I Have Formated C and D Drive and Installed
    Fresh XP SP3 on C : Drive and Windows 7 on E : Drive every thing was fine upto an Installation of Accronics True Drive .
    After Installation of Accronics True Drive Software My C And E Drive Icons are as useual But the remaing ( D , F , G, H ) Icons had changed .
    I Have Tried every Thing possible to get Icons Back to normal Position But never worked
    Some one posted twek To Reg change It also fails , Please Give me any solution
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    To save some typing time I'm quoting from Windows 7 forum!!
    You can create the "drive icons" key if it isn't there. Then add your Drive Letters and add a DefaultIcon key with a path to the icon you wish to use, the same as you would in Seven. A typical example of a .reg file would look like this:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    Another way to do it with XP (although I never managed to do it this way!!) was by adding an Autorun.inf file with your desired icon path in the root directory of the drive you want to change the icon in.

    I'm just wondering if Acronis has done this with your D, F, G & H drives in your XP set up? Might be worth a look-see to see if you can find, for example, D:\Autorun.inf, F:\Autorun.inf etc. with references to icons.

    This PCMag article from 2005 explains the Autorun.inf method better than I can, and it saves me a load of one finger typing!
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