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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by jag, Nov 23, 2008.

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    I was having a Lenovo X61 laptop installed with Windows Vista Business. I did a backup using Control Panel > Backup Centre to a USB hard disk. After the Backup I saw it was backed up as *.wbcat (Global Catalog) files and numerous zip files.

    Now I am trying to restore it to a new X61 laptop. I boot using Windows Vista DVD and choose Recover Complete PC, but at the backup locations screen I find no backup to restore.

    How do I restore to new laptop using *.wbcat and zip files that is in the external usb hard disk. I want the new laptop to be same as old laptop. I believe this should be possible and both laptop have the same hardware. I do not have the old laptop with me now. I am left only with the *.wbcat and 141 zip files in an external hard disk. How do I use these files to restore my computer?

    Is there is an easy way to point to the zip file locations and restore it directly to the hard disk like image restore.

    Please help me on this

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