Restore Mac OS X data to Win 7 PC from PATA 2.5" laptop drive

Does anyone know how to import pata 2.5 samsung hm160hc w/ Mac OS X data on usb to windows 7? I'm trying to use the Dynexprods drive enclosure and Win7 won't recognize drive...Cause its from a Mac OS X? or what?




Noob Whisperer
Very likely.
If the drive was formatted for use with a MAC system then you will probably need something like MacDrive MacDrive Standard to successfully recover that data from that drive.

But Win 7 PC can't "see" the PATA 2.5" drive w/ Mac OS X data on it....?


Noob Whisperer
If you are talking about Windows Explorer than no it won't because the file system for the drive is likely HFS or HFS+ or something similar and completely foreign to Windows OS.
I believe that is what the software is for. Maybe give the 5 day free trial of the software I linked to above a try and see if that gets you anywhere.
If neither device manager nor disk management sees the drive then the problem may be something else entirely.

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