Restore NTFS write permission on file?

Ok, so I tried setting my password file (save my passwords in) to apparently stupidly high security.

I have ownership, and set read and write permission to Deny through the security tab in the properties dialog for Admin through Guests. I assumed that, by having ownership, it would not Deny -me- permissions. I was wrong.

So now the file is sitting there, inert. If I attempt to retake ownership via the properties dialog or takeown, I get access denied.

If I attempt to change permissions via the dialog or icacls or cacls, I get permission denied.

If I try to take full control of the directory it resides in, and force it to inherit, I get access denied.

Safe mode doesn't help either.

My googlefu hasn't dug up anyone else that has done what I have done, and all of the major keywords bring up thousands upon thousands of loosely related, at best, topics. As I'm already owner, and the effective permissions for everyone is Deny Read and Deny Write, all of the 'take full control' methods I've found do nothing but give access denied messages.

I can't open it, move it, copy it, delete it, or change permissions on it.

Is there anything I can do, short of formatting the hard drive, to either regain control of the file or make it go away?

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