Restore XP Pro Solitare?


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Any way to restore/reinstall my old XP Pro solitare? The Vista Ult one is clunky and slow and requires two extra steps to play againâ€â€Â￾irritating for this addict who plays each day until I win.





wtf !!!

dude get a life nooooo one uses windos vista ULTIMATE to play solitare wth is wrong wit u

Re: wtf !!!

why u tell such thing about solitaire. solitaire is a gud game and best played on vista ultimate. i know better because i use it. and it kicks ass. even my friend play it also with me. i am so pro at this that uu wil be scared to see how fast i can finish a level. especialy on vista ULTIMATE. you shudnt say that no one likes vista ULTIMATE. you jealous that you cant afford it from the parite bay website. its cheapest one i've seen there. and yes kerry its possible to do it. go to this and find setup there.
and you steveo shud say sorry. because you suck at solitaire and jealous of everyone.

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