Restoring Previous Programs And Settings After Clean Install

Hey all,

I just upgraded my MOBO, CPU, and memory and added an SSD to my build. Basicly a whole new computer. I kept the PSU, DVD drive, GPU, and HDD from previous build. I tried to get around a clean install by enabling the generic drivers for the MOBO in device manager before final shutdown in previous build, did not connect the SSD, and booted from the original HDD. Needless to say it did not work. I then connected the SSD, booted windows from the hard copy I had, and did a clean install using the SSD as the primary boot drive and the old HDD as backup and starage. I am now in the process of getting all hardware drivers up-to-date. I performed a full system backup using Norton Ghost 15 with an external HDD as the destination before tearing everything apart.

The million dollor question is: After updating all drivers, is it possible to bring back an image of my previous Windows build using my backup or old HDD in which all of my previous programs and settings will remain intact while at the same time run stable with all of the new hardware?

Any help, thoughts, suggestions, or opinions will be greatly accepted.


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That certainly is the million dollar question, and I put my dime on: no. MOBO change will need total re-install. It's like changing your lawn, the grass will have to be renewed.

All I can say is, Friend, re-install it. Safe copy everything you can, and get a fresh start.


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Can be done but you will almost certainly face a series of problems with drivers (probably BSODs), configuration etc which will probably consume more time and effort than a completely clean install. On top of that, any subsequent problems will always have you wondering if there is a real new problem or if it is down to imported baggage from your earlier incarnation. I'd go for a clean install every time.

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