Windows 7 Restoring User Profile


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Jul 9, 2013
So, I got a new, larger SSD to put windows on.

I did a custom install. During the installation

I pressed shif-F10 to open cmd

then used

robocopy /copyall /mir /E /XJ C:\Users D:\Users
rmdir /S /Q C:\Users
mklink /J C:\Users D:\Users

I did the same with Program Files, Program Files (x86). I tried to do the same with ProgramData but couldnt. Access denied. I did however went ahead and altered the registry at Local Machine, Software, Windows NT, Current Version, Profiles.

Finished the installation and its all good. However, I am having trouble restoring my old user profile, Eddy. (For protection, before all this, I renamed my D:\Users\Eddy to D:\Users2\Eddy, "D:\Program Files" to "D:\Program Files 2" and so forth for ProgramData and Program Files (x86) )

Do you guys have any ideas on how I can restore my profile? I have noticed that protected folder such as, say cookies, are missing from my Eddy folder. I am guessing that somewhere I long the process I lost some files attributes.

In hindsight, I should have just done a robocopy of my old boot drive to the new one, but I did not expect the user profile to be so hard to transfer and formatted the drive =(; fatal mistake.

Forgot to mention, I had Windows 7 x64 and the new boot drive is also running window 7 x64
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