Restoring Using An Image Doesnt Work

[This is kinda related to HDs,
so I hope this is the right place to post]
Hi all, here's my problem:
1) I have a PC running Win7 with 3 HDs(not partition, different HDs).
2) I used Win7 to create an image of the OS HD( C: ) and placed it in D.
3) I used the image once or twice so I know it's a god image, and it's not corrupted.
4) Lately I've been having performence/computer-gets-stuck-issues and I
suspected the HD( C: ) because my RAM is fine, and finally windows alreted my that that HD
is failing.(plus, I can hear "ticks" of the HD's nittle trying to read whenever the computer got frozen for a sec or two.
5) I replaced the HD that was C: with a new one, and installed Win7 again.
6) Tried to restore using the image and the recorery system said that it needs to format
the drive that it's on(makes sense) and ordered me to perform the restore through
the windows installation disk,
7)I did. but I get a similiar error that ordered me to restore with an image but using a windows
installation disk(and I got to this error using the instllation disk)
How can I make the image work?
the only problem I can see is that the image was taken off a a different HD
than the on I'm trying to restore the image to,
but still that's not a good reason for it not to work.
Thx in advance, ZBBZ


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Well, first of all be very careful about which drive you are looking at. When you removed the old drive and inserted a new one, it was probably not listed as primary in the bios, but one of the other drives was.

Did you install Windows first and then try to image? If you did install Windows 7 first, you may have part of the boot files on another drive.

I would disconnect the unnecessary drive, make sure the new drive is listed first in the bios, then boot to the Windows 7 install DVD. On the second page, there is a Repair My Computer option that will lead to the image restore. The restore will make the partitions just like the original drive, so hopefully the new drive is large enough.

You did not give many specifics about how far you got in the re-image process, but does it see the image on the other drive, if it gets that far?

Are you using another install media beside the Windows 7 DVD, possibly a manufacturers version?

Yes, I installed windows 1st, and the replaced HD is disk 2(the 3rd one)

I got to the point it reocgnizes the image on my D: drive (2nd drive)

no, not using any other media to install win7


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Did you try using the Windows 7 install DVD to restore the image? You don't need to reload Windows prior. You can take a brand new drive and restore an image, as long as the size is compatible. But again, the partitions will be set up exactly as the image was taken.

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