Restoring Windows 7 onto new computer

Hi all,

I am not new to Windows 7 at all, and I know quite a bit but I have never came across the problem that I am faced with.

My old computers motherboard failed and quit on me, causing the computer not to boot or even turn on. So I got a new one.

My question: What and how is the easiest way for me to restore my Windows 7 onto my new computer (all new hardware), without loosing any system settings, programs, files ect. I dont have a backup point of the old Windows 7. All I have is the HD with Windows 7 on it. (However I have a backup of all of the important files.)

Searching around a little on my own I could not find anything on how to restore Windows 7 without making a restore point in the past.

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Musick Man

(Windows 7 Ultimate)

Joe S

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Do you still have the old computer? You might be able to remove the drive connect it to another system and create an image. You might run into a problem with activation unless you had a full retail version. OEM versions are not transferable.

I have the old system and the drive out of the system. Are you saying connect it to a different working computer, create a image and then try to transfer?

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