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    I'm studying abroad in France and made a the great decision to try to restore my laptop to a system image on an external while in class. Anyway, my battery died half way through and on start my machine says missing operating system. I don't happen to have my restore disks here and would prefer to not have to go rebut windows 7. Is there a way I can restore maybe from my partition or via an older version of windows that a friend has? Thanks
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    Can you hit F8 during boot and get into the Win 7 repair options? You have disconnected the external drive? I do not know if the backup would continue after a battery failure.

    Does your laptop have a restore utility that will return the system to a factory setup? You can only use Win 7 to Repair Win 7.

    You can download a Win 7 Repair CD from NeoSmart Technologies. Boot to this to get into the Win 7 Repair options.
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