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I am trying to allow only certain computers on my HomeNetwork to access a network drive. My router is a BT HomeHub 3 and thecomputers are all connected by ethernet cables, the computer I don't want tohave access is wireless. The network drive is connected to the network using aUSB on the HomeHub. I can access the network drive OK on all the computers, butI don't want the wireless computer to have access. I have tried and tried towork it out, nut the more I look the more confused I get. I'm sure there mustbe an easy way to this problem. Any help will stop me having sleepless nightsthinking of how to do it.


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In your router gateway, you should have options for MAC filtering. If you find out the MAC address of the computer you're trying to block, and put it in your filtering options, the said device will be unable to access the network.

**Edit** After a quick search I see there's no mac filtering options on your router :(. I guess your best solution would be to encrypt the wifi with a WPA2 password. Alternatively, you could try a few different things with the firewall and port forwarding options of your router to prevent internet access, even if the computer was connected to the network.
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There is no method within Windows 7 (workgroup ungoverned by a domain controller) to restrict access to files or folders based solely on a machine / computer name. You are left with username or group restrictions.
However, many Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices have their own management utility and interface for you to configure security and all are a bit different, so you may want to see what is available that might work for you.

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I might not have worded my question incorrectly. I only want to restrict access to the Hub drive on the network to one computer and be able to have full internet access on all the computers. Just want to restrict access to the drie to one computer.

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