Retain Run Command History

I got Windows 7 Starter with one of those woot netbooks not too long ago, and I've been working to customize it to my comfort level. Probably the most annoying piece is that when I use the "Run" dialogue, either by using the start menu, or by hitting win-r, it comes up with no command history, whatsoever.

This is not an internet kiosk, and nobody uses this laptop besides me. I want my run command history. There is no ClearRecentblahblah thing in my registry, and indeed there's nothing in my registry at all that matches "ClearRecent," which makes me think it's probably not a feature of Windows 7.

I've looked through the control panel and windows help, and nothing seems to give me the answer I need. Almost all the results I find on google are threads where people are talking about removing their run command history. I want to do the exact opposite of that. I want to retain it.

Does anyone have any ideas for fixing this problem?

I might be wrong on this but you can give it try...

Right Click Start Orb -> Properties ->Checkmark "store and display recent items"

Nope, you were right. I now have a command history. Thanks!

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