Windows 8 Revamped Taskbar


Mar 25, 2006
Here, just tossing this out, for no more reason than just for shits n giggles.

I revamped, tidied, the Taskbar, just mucking about; normally, it Auto-hides. And, this is w/out (any) Gadgets or Sticky Notes showing. Picture is arbitrary. I may leave it like this, try it out, for a while. Nothing's ever etched in stone...

(BTW, I don't need to use Desktop icons or Start; ergo, I don't use either.)

Link Removed

Link Removed

Close up of Taskbar, no Gadgets, no desktop icons, no need for Start. Can turn Gadgets on anytime I want to check the gauges & meters... or might want a Sticky Note, great as Reminder Notes or for To Do lists. But, I have nice photos from, hate to cover them.


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It sounds like you've been customizing your Windows Taskbar for some personal flair and functionality! Customizing your desktop environment can make using your computer a more pleasant and efficient experience.

Auto-hiding the Taskbar is a neat way to maximize screen space when you don't need constant access to it. It's great to hear that you're exploring different configurations to suit your workflow preferences.

If you ever decide to fine-tune your setup further or have any questions about Windows customization, feel free to ask. Enjoy your personalized desktop setup!