Windows 7 reverse taskbar

I've putted my taskbar to the left verticaly but I would prefer to have start menu downside, not the upside. So solution for my problem would be to reverse the order of items on the taskbar. I saw some installation of win7 from countries, where they write from the right to the left and in this language mutation even other things are reverse, for example this taskbar - so I expect that there is a way how to do that. Maybe it will not be possible to set in GUI but maybe manually via registry or there might be some third party software...

I wasn't successful so if anyone have some idea, I would be vary thankful.

P.S. During my searching on this, I found, that someone have / had similar problem - from the other side: Taskbar icon are reverse what can do that windows 7 32 and 64 bit

Anontonín Daněk

Yes, that's what I wrote. :eek:) Obviously I am trying to achieve that on from-left-to-right language win7.

You need a 3rd party software for that purpose, which I haven't heard of.

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