Reversing Transferred Settings in Firefox

New to Windows 7 with a new laptop. Used XP on my previous 6 year old dinosaur.

I completed the Easy Transfer to get files from the old on to the new. I transferred my Firefox settings and unfortunately, I liked it the way I had it on 7 before the transfer. How can I revert back to my settings prior to the transfer and still keep my bookmarks? However, losing the bookmarks is not a huge issue, I can add them manually if I need to.

I'm obviously new to the forum and look forward to learning this new OS here. I apologize in advance if there is somewhere else i can find this and didn't search well enough.



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The link will return you to the defaults if that is what you want. Easier to uninstall firefox and reinstall. But, for the bookmarke, if you find it as easy to reinstate manually, then no problem. But you can go to Users - username - Appdata - Romaing - Mozilla - Firefox - Profiles - . There you will find the "***.default". There exists there, a file with the name "bookmarks.html". You will also see a further sub folder there "bookimarks backups". This contains you existing list(s) You may only have the one, which is the transferred. But it is easy to browse and see which is the list you require.. I would then suggest, having found the one you want, you save it to a safe place. Reinstall firefox (or return to the defaults, as suggested).
According to which of these options you took, you can now copy and paste the appropriate bookmark.html back or, go to the bookimarks tab in Firefox, then "Organise bookmarks" - "Import and backup" - and browse to where you have saved your html file and import it.

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