Windows 7 Review - ESET Smart Security 5

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    Review - ESET Smart Security 5
    The Good :

    Download option is Smart Download.
    Overall UI is decent and user friendly.
    Good web protection.
    Good Real time protection.
    Good detection rate (Smart Scan) by default.
    Very good cleaning process.
    No slowdowns at all, system very responsive, even during scan.

    The Bad :

    Not easy to configure for a beginner user (consider simplifying settings UI).
    HIPS default settings are basically pointless for the "Install and Forget" type of user (consider changing from Automatic Settings to Learning Mode).
    Too many pop ups when HIPS is on Interactive mode (I switched initially to Interactive mode to see how it works and to take a screenshot. Was more than a nightmare when I by mistake opened Chrome, popping up multiple dialogs).
    Context Scan settings by default are not as good as Smart Scan. Consider changing the settings to the same as Smart Scan.
    One of the highest RAM usage Suites (Please do not confuse with being a heavy product and putting system to its knees just because it has a high RAM usage).

    Overall Product Rating :

    4 Stars (Very Good)

    Note: Although I have been a user of ESET, this review is based on the results and not my liking for the suite itself.

    All settings were the default settings, since the purpose of this review is to show the users how it performs out of the box, however I do have one recommendation. See further down under Final Verdict.

    Links: Refer to Links Screenshot:
    Out of 27 links, 1 was dead, 9 were infected, 6 were detected by web guard module, the rest was detected by Real Time protection when it reached 99% download or when it was executed.

    Malware Packs:
    44,48,52,97,1000 malware packs from Malwaretips. All combined and removed duplicates. total of 1237 files.

    context menu + real time protection:
    518/1237 - 41.87%

    Smart scan (full system scan) with malware folder still available:
    610/719 - 84.84%

    Final result(both scans combined):
    1128/1237 - 91.18%

    Note: during the above scans, system was restarted several times to remove threats as per pop up recommending to do so.
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    Nice review. Eset is really a smart antivirus. But it takes too much time to scan files. I use windows defender :D

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