Windows 7 Riddiculous sound problem on Toshiba M100


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Hi folks,

I've just installed Win 7 on my Toshiba M100. After installation, the sound driver (Realtek HD Audio) is automatically detected and it works in a very riddiculous way:

- In the Sound Setting --> Playback tab --> There're TWO speakers, both are High definition audio device and look exactly the same. If I set the first speaker as default, then I can hear sound from the laptop's speakers but when I plugin my headphone, I can not hear anything !!! If I set the second speaker as default, then the laptop's speakers doesn't work, but when I plugin my headphone, I can hear sound from my headphone !!!!

This is very riddiculous and annoying, having to switch default sound device everytime I plugin or take out the headphone is almost absurd !

Does anyone know how to solve this ?

P/S: I tried install the vista sound driver from Toshiba web site to see if I can "merge" these 2 speaker devices into one, but still the same. Trying to disable one also doesn't help.

Don't be panic. If you install or upgrade to Windows Vista/7, just upgrade BIOS to 5.xx (in Toshiba support page).
And then download and upgrade more recent version of sound driver from Realtek's download page (2.55) I guess..
If you want install DVD-RAM driver, more XP version softwares for Windows Vista/7 under Toshiba Satellite M-100 and more models, just download any XP softwares from Toshiba support page, after extracted files to root directory and right-click to "setup.exe" file and choose XP SP3 compatibility and click Ok. So then run each application. Good luck. Ginseng