Right click in explorer doesn't select

So, maybe I'm wrong, but as a previous user of XP I remember that when I had explorer open and I right clicked a file it would select that file and I could copy, paste, view properties, ect. However in Win7 when I right click a file it opens the general context menu for the entire folder I'm currently in. So I have to get used to left clicking the file first then right clicking to access it's specific menu. Just an annoyance that I hope can be fixed.

If there is a fix for this or I'm just crazy and imagining that things used to be different let me know!


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Hmm..I think I know what your saying.. All I do is just ignore whats popped up and right-click on the file/folder again and eventually it gets the right menu popping up but yes sometimes it will take a few clicks to get the right menu..

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