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I recently noticed that my right click for folders and files does not open with the 'glass features' (ie the translucent blue bulge) and instead highlights objects in a XP fashion. When using child items in a right click the child items use the glass but still not the main right click menu.

Right clicking desktop, taskbar and godmode folder is still normal however.

I haven't explained that very well but here are some screenshots to illustrate this:

Thanks in advance for your help and if this is normal then I apologise.


P.S. I'm Running WIndows 7 with all the latest updates for it and all my software and drivers.


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No, But I'll try that now.

EDIT: Tried and not fixed

Thanks for the help, any other suggestions?

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nope that was about it :)


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After swapping back from classic my close, maximise and minimise have shrunk in height as well as window titles, however the bar they sit on is the same size.

So anyone happen to know how to fix my right click issue and the new one that's developed (its ok Zylar I don't blame you - you were trying to help :])

Thanks again


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Depending on when it started happening, you could try to use System Restore to roll back to before it was like this. That is, of course, if you have System Restore enabled.

Some app installed on your machine caused this, that added itself to the right click context menu. It happens all the time with "lesser" apps.

Two ways to sort it are to uninstall stuff until you figure it out.

Or the better approach is to use software called ShellMenuView to edit the registry without knowing much about the actual registry.


Post a screenshot of ShellMenuView with what it shows and we can probably make great guesses for you which is doing it.

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Well it is one hell of a long list so I created a html report using the program and uploaded it to my site here: Menu Items List

Also here is a screenshot of my shrunken close, maximise etc. :
Not sure how well you can see that but oh well

Thanks for all the help so far and non of the entries immediately jump out at me as "lesser"

You know what? My apologies. I think what we need here is ShellExView, a related app. You can sort the results it seems, going by the screenshot, for the type. I think we want to look at context menu lines (like the RealOne Player shown in the link here.)

ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows

Thats no problem, I appreciate the help.

Ok I've used shellexview and sorted it by type and have now produced a new report containing just the items of the 'context menu' type.

The report can be found here (same link as before)

I have fixed my shrunk close, minimise and maximise buttons now (apart from popup warning boxes in firefox where the buttons are fine but the border is shrunk - however I think this will fix when I reboot)

Thanks again - I hope the problem can be resolved it as it is rather annoying

There is an update available for TortoiseSVN which I would install.

TortoiseSVN | The coolest Interface to (Sub)Version Control

Other than that, you can obviously eliminate the need to look at the other entries that are by Microsoft.

If I had to venture a guess, it would be SecuROM Context-Menu for Explorer causing the issue. I Googled and in the past, it seems it would cause crashes. Try disabling this one using ShellExView as a test.

FIXED!!!! - It wasn't SecuROM - it was the DAP shred file menu (which doesnt work unless you buy premium). Thanks for the heads up about the SVN update though.

After disabling SecuROM and logging off and back in I looked at my screenshot compilation again and realised that the only item that appeared on the broken ones but not the working ones was the file wiper. Disabling it fixed the issue so I will inform speedbit about this problem.

Thankyou very much for your help

P.S. You wouldn't happen to know how to fix skinny borders on popup error/info messages etc. would you?

You're welcome.

As for the skinny borders, can't say I do as I've never heard of the issue previously.

Doesn't matter I found the answer here (sort of).

Thank you very much, your help was really appreciated


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