Right-Click Options Keep Appearing


When i click on a specific spot near the bottom left-hand side of my screen, right-click options appear for no reason and they aren't linked to any program. (i can keep clicking at the spot the clicking close and nothing happens. The options will disppear and then reappear if i click on the spot again)

By right click options i mean, if you right click the top of a window you will get the regular,

Restore, move, size, minimize, maximize and close.

It gets very annoying because it keeps popping up and blocking the option i actually want to click behind it. I have to keep moving the window across to continue.

Thanks for any help provided and for your time.
(if a picture would help just ask and i can show you what i mean :tongue:)


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Are you using a laptop or a computer?

Possible causes\solutions:

1. Either the mouse button is sticking, or, more likely, the Context Menu button on the keyboard is sticking. It's located to the right of the spacebar, and left of the Ctrl key. Did anything spill on your mouse or keyboard lately? Coffee, soda... ? Try using a different keyboard.

Im using a laptop,

Nothing seems broken and there haven't been any spills. It a small specific spot near the bottom left corner, that when click the menu appears.


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1. If you're using a mouse just simply disable your touch pad. You can do this through control panel/mouse. (This helped most people).

2. Your keyboard might be defected and you might need to get it changed. (You can download manuals from the manufacturer on how to disassemble the keyboard but if you have never done it, I'd suggest you don't. It can be more complicated then assembling a car motor.)

3. You might want to clean with compressed air and a good shake with the laptop upside down the right mouse button (the one of the touchpad) and also the key between right control and windows/alt gr key. The space underneath them, to be specific. It might be as simple as dirt under them that causes them to "click".

I don't see how the keyboard could be doing anything. It's not happeneing everywhere on the screen, its only when i click on that specific spot on the desktop.


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Boot into safe mode and see if the same thing happens. We will take it from there.
Also, please try to disable the touch pad anyway and try too.

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