Roaming Profiles Arggg!

Hello all, pardon the long explanation,

I formerly used a lot of the 'copy to' functionality on XP to overwrite the default profile with a new one (for our staff computers, which used a local profile). I understand that this functionality no longer exists and they expect you to use sysprep.

Besides that, I also used to use roaming/Mandatory profiles for multiple computers. I followed instructions on microsoft's site about how to create a roaming profile for windows 7, and I do that, but when I try to log on using that profile, I get an error that the files are not accessible and that it is using a temporary profile. If I could get the Mandatory profile set up, I'd be fine as I'm assuming I could edit that profile (after changing it back to a .dat) and configuring it how I want. Anyway, I would love it if someone could offer assistance as I've found nothing that helps so far. I can offer other details as needed.

Hope I've got this posted in the right place!

Really? 127 views and no one has any idea? I tried the technet forums and they were giving me answers that didn't even apply to Windows 7.

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