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Hey guys, a close friend of min installed Roboscan free version about a week ago. Well I told him that the site and program hasn't been updated since 2013. He told me that he knows that the program has not updated but the virus definitions are updating. It uses the Bitdefender engine and its own Tera engine . Do you think it's safe to still use this program, or can you recommend another free AV that is good but also lightweight. Thanks.


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personally i haven't used it myself but when searching for a review it had this to say:

Fast, easy installation. Good at detecting malware. Firewall included. Bonus features include Windows update check, vulnerability scan, report on computer assets. Free!

Not so good at cleaning detected malware. Firewall failed to stealth ports. Program control (disabled by default) forces user to make all security decisions. Firewall easily disabled. Most bonus features duplicate existing Windows features.

Roboscan is good at detecting malware, less good at cleaning up a pre-existing infestation. It comes with a firewall that can't seem to handle basic tasks and a collection of bonus features that don't add much value. At least it's free!
ref: Roboscan Internet Security Free

Many of us here use Windows Defender or MSE coupled with Malwarebytes as they run together very well.


Thanks kemical, I personally use Bitdefender Free on one and Panda Free on another. I'll pass your advice on to him.

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