Rogue Antivirus Optimized for Windows 7

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    Rogue Antivirus Optimized for Windows 7 - PandaLabs

    came across an interesting Rogueware campaign while researching the ongoing Black(hat) Friday SEO campaign. Unlike the typical Rogueware attack, the cyber criminals behind this one have already optimized the campaign to take advantage of users of the brand new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system by emulating its look and feel.
    As you can see from the screenshot above, the website creates an exact replica of the Windows 7 explorer shell. In addition to the popup, the site is configured with a white background in order to create the illusion that the “Windows 7 popupâ€Â￾ is not in the foreground of the website, but rather a separate process running on the computer itself. Both techniques are devilishly deceiving and might even fool an expertly trained eye.


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