Router crashes when accessing shared files

I am having trouble accessing shared files on my home network from Windows 7. I am currently running the Windows 7 64-bit RC, but i have had the same problem on earlier 32-bit beta versions.

Windows 7 is installed on a desktop computer that is wired to a Belkin wireless G router. I have a laptop running Windows XP that is connected via wireless to the network.

The problem is, whenever I try to access shared files, folders, computers, or even click on the network icon from Windows 7, the home network crashes. A minute after trying to access network files from windows 7 I get "limited connectivity" and all networked computers loose internet access as well as access to the home network. In order to "fix" the network I have to shutdown the Windows 7 PC, unplug the router, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Again, this only happens when I try to access the home network. I am able to browse the internet, download files, etc, in Windows 7 with no problem until I try to access shared files/computers.

I know the problem has nothing to do with the desktop PC's hardware because I am able to access shared files with no problem from a dual-boot ubuntu installation. I have also tried "unchecking" IPv.6 from the network adapter settings in Windows 7.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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