Windows 7 Router problem?


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OK the router worked before doing a fresh install of Windows Xp and Woindows 7 now my router seems to not beable to connect to both my Xbox 360 and my computer I've tried everything I know to do all the way down to unhooking everything and hooking it back up even test the signals but nothing can't figure it out anyone have any suggestions? BTW the router is a elcheapo from walmart with no actual name if it's the router then oh well it only costed $20 and it last for 2 years I'll buy a better one if it come out to be the router
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Power cycle the router, might even want to hit the reset button, and try again.
Can you get internet if you plug your PC directly into your cable or DSL modem? You might have to power cycle your modem so it will read the mac address of the NIC in your PC. It will be looking for your router. If you get internet then the problem is with the router. If you don't then their is a problem with your PC. Your NIC is set to automatically obtain an IP right? DHCP is enabled in the router?
You can also try this.
Open a command prompt, in XP start => run => cmd
Then run ipconfig/release followed by ipconfig/renew.
Then run ipconfig/all and see what you get. Post it here if you want so I can have a look at it.
tried all of that already I guess it's the router itself so i'll just go buy another one when I get paid
well I'll working on building a home server system before long so when I order the parts to start it up I'll throw in a very sercure router hopefully by then they'll have some stuff out for windows 7 so I can tweak away on sercurity seeing that my home computers all have my work stuff on them all the way down to back-ups of other computers
Not sure what you mean by "some stuff out for windows 7". If you are talking about routers they don't care what OS you are running. Home grade routers have come a long way security wise. Most have a good firewall with stateful packet inspection on the WAN side. The wireless side is more of a concern to me. Don't go cheap here, you want a router with WPA 2 encryption. And if you do use the wireless you'll want to run a software firewall on each PC. You'll want to use good strong passwords too.
I meant motherboards and sound cards things like that should have been more specific sorry I know routers don't need O/S support
I believe Windows 7 uses the windows Vista driver model (or what ever you call it) so drivers shouldn't be as big a problem as they were when Vista launched. Windows 7 is just Windows Vista se (second edition ) right? :D With the RC open to anybody that wants it there really shouldn't be any excuse for major vender's not having working drivers when the final version launches.
yeah true Windows 7 is just Vista with a new look so anyway i'll get me a new router when I get the time and money.