router problom

i am using a sisco router.. it work fine for a year then it wouldnt for certin devices the nothing reads it but wont connect....i using cable internet..and when i trouble shoot it it says ip problon... thnx


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You need to be much more clear about the nature of the problem.


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Is your computer saying you have IP problem. If so, save any router configurations from your ISP and your Cisco router and power them down or unplug them. Also power off your computer. Then after about a minute, plug in your Modem from ISP and wait until all lights are solid green especially Internet light. Then power on Cisco router and give that some time. Then turn on your pc. Do you have any other type of device in your home to test. Such as phone laptop desktop etc. We would like to know which devices aren't communicating because it can be an isolated problem.


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If after all that you still have a problem post a copy of your ipconfig here. You can get this by going to start programs, command prompt and entering this command:

ipconfig /all >c:\desktop\ipconfig.txt

This will create a file called ipconfig.txt on your desktop which you can then post here.

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