router probs: no net access, "key ports", "IP address" address issues


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when using my router at a new location (no wifi so i bring mine to a friends house), someone elses router (known pw), or attempting to access public wifi i can get a connection/signal and it usually shows "net access" at 1st (sometimes not tho), then when i go to open IE or windows messenger i lose "net access", yellow warning triangle shows in the signal bars...

run trouble shooting, shows problems with "key ports" and or "IP address" (maybe something else at times)

other times, like tonight, ive had no problems, connected up fine and has stayed on, earlier today and other days its a crapshoot, rarely connects properly... have tried restarting, disabling/enabling adapter, and other things,.. very frustrated, not computer savvy, but still cant see why this doesnt connect properly when pw is given to router within range

my thx in advance to anyone that can offer some help...