Router troubles. (DNS Server)

Hi everyone. Ive been having some router ttroubles lately. About 5 weeks ago my internet connection was dropping intermittently due to what looked like my router resetting itself which would take about 10 seconds. This was happening to my gaming pc only. Coincidentally on that night, my power supply failed bringing my whole room down power wise. 5 weeks later after receiving a replacement power supply, the router still drops connection every now minute or two and it is very frustrating. It only happens to my gaming pc as well out of the two desktops and two latops that utilize the internet connection. The two desktops are hard wired to the router and the two latops are wireless to a linksys wireless router. I troubleshooted on my PC to find that my computer is configured correctly but the device or resource (DNS Server) is not responding.

Can anyone help me out?


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I just had the same problem myself playing games using steam with this new ISP provider (DSL setup). What worked for me, was a router firmware update. Check for a firmware update for your router. Once I updated the firmware the drop outs stopped. I'm now a happy gamer!

Firmware update on which router? This might be tricky because the wireless router would be pretty easy to update, however the other one... not so sure... it's just a black box.


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What does you network setup consist of, hardware make and models? So you have to routers setup up on the same network?

Alright I'm sorry. Upon more investigation, I've found that the modem is the problem! Phone lines work but there is no internet connection to the wireless router or either pcs it is connected to.

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