Royal wedding - Pictures from London


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Live coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey throughout the day


11.20am: They're married. The congregation sings Love Divine, All Loves Excelling.

11.20am: The Archbishop pronounces them man and wife.

11.18am: No ring for William, by the way.

11.17am: William puts the ring on Kate's finger.

11.16am: Still holding hands, Kate recites her vows.

11.16am: William is giving his vows.

11.15am: I will, says William. I will, says Kate.

11.14am: Phew. Nobody had any just cause why they should not be lawfully joined together in matrimony.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is beginning the solemnisation of the marriage.

11.12am: The Dean of Westminster is giving the welcome and introduction.

11.10am: The BBC just showed Elton John singing along. He must be very tempted to take over at moments like this.