Rumor: Windows 7 going gold next week? (Big Download Blog)


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Filed under: Hardware Microsoft has already announced that October 22 is the big launch day for their Windows 7 OS, but what about when the final retail version of the software "goes gold" (meaning that the product is done and will be pressed into disks for manufacturing)? Rumors are popping up all over the Internet that the date could be just a few days away. According to Daily Tech a number of ...


The original timeline giving by Microsoft is that the RTM (or "Gold") version of Windows 7 would be finalized in the second half of July. So any time after the 15th is really fair game. A lot of people are marking for the 17th or 19th as the actual date. However "leaked" information of when an RTM release would happen has been _OFTEN_ wrong even from "reputable sources" in recent history in regards to Windows 7 timelines. Once it has gone to an RTM ("release to manufacturing") or gold status build, then it will be not only sent out to the disc manufacturers, but also to major system builders like Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and also major hardware manufacturers to help them finalize their driver builds. The final word on it will likely be announced on the Windows 7 Team blog by Microsoft ( Windows 7 Team Blog - The Windows Blog ) or over on the official Windows 7 RC Support Forum located here Windows 7 Category .

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