run 32bit xp mode in 64bit windows 7 host?

If I load windows 7 64bit, and install windows xp mode, will I be able to run the virtual XP in 32bit mode or will I be forced to use a 64bit virtual? It seems like I should be able to use either one, but i wanted to find out for sure before I reinstall to load the 64bit version. I'm currenty running 32bit windows 7 with 32bit XP mode.

Anyone know? :rolleyes:

update: actually, from some articles/posts i've found, it look like 64bit XP is not supported in microsoft virtual PC... Can anyone confirm?

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Joe S

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XP Mode I believe includes XP 32 bit. If you load the MS virtual PC separately you will need a legit copy of XP or whatever system you wish and go through activation just like a real install. I think including XP was one of the main features of XP Mode. Here some links for the beta release of XP mode
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Windows 7 XP Mode

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