“Run as Administrator” does not work


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I am running Windows 7 64 bit in a multiuser environment and one of the users needs 2 programs that, for some unknown reason, require administrative privileges to run. I am the administrator and when I am logged in I can run the programs, however, when the user attempts to run the program while logged in, he is prompted for administrative credentials. If I enter my administrative credentials while he is logged in, the program works correctly.

I thought this would be an easy fix. Using the compatibility tab for the executable file, I set Windows 7 to run this program as the administrator for all users. The icon for the executable file now has a shield on it, however the user is still prompted for administrative credentials when attempting to run the program. Also, when I installed the program, I ran the setup program using the "Run as Administrator" option

I researched the problem on the software developer’s forum and there were a number of others with the same issue. Unfortunately, the suggested solutions involved granting the user local administrator privileges or turning off UAC.

I was hoping someone here at the Windows 7 forum could offer a better solution.
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When running program as administrator, it will prompt you for credentials. When you check the box under Compatibility, it tells the system to show the prompt every time to get elevation. There is no way around this prompt other than to turn off UAC. Windows does this to prevent malware from gaining administrative rights. Of course, you can always try running the program without prompting for credentials, but then you'll probably get "Access denied" or similar error messages.


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while on the admin account right click the program file and set the user specified as level that can access it with execute and run... should be on the properties/security tab