Run as administrator?

I get a lot of program errors unless I run everything as Admin, Specifically in some home security software. I am logged in as admin but for example I cant view any of our security camera footage as even though I run the program as admin and am logged in as admin it says I don't have permission to view the footage. On the other hand if I run the program like normal I get a lot of errors but can view the footage. Any advice?

What is the OS you have? Is it 32 bit or 64 bit OS? Is the software your trying to run a 32 bit or 64 bit? Is the software compatible with vista? These are just a few things to look into first and most commonly over looked.


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I think he could try re-installing his security software and re-setting it. Maybe a virus or trojan messed his software up. Try sfc/scannow see if files are correct, start- up repair, clean install. Something like that, depending on what is found out.

The OS is Vista 32 bit. The security program is compatible but I don't know if it is 32 or 64 bit. I read up on the sfc/scannow and what I read says its for XP. I typed it in the run command and got an error with sfc/scannow and scannow but when I ran just sfc a dos window poped up for a second and disapeared but not the window that was supose to pop up showing that it is checking files. I know I have somthing in the computer causing problems as every now and then even when the computer is not in use the temps will climb and the proccessor "both cores" will show a lot of activity, somtimes 100% on both of them when the computer is not even being used. Normaly a restart will stop this but in short order it will start again.

Ok, I just found out how to run it in vista from the command prompt. It says it will take some time so I will report back with the results

sfc/scannow found no integrity violations.


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Jason, I think it is important to look up as many Vista errors as you can. Security has to be set just right. You probably could check with your cameras manufacturer for any installation tips, compatibility etc. If this is wireless, there maybe a problem there.

Thats my fault for jumping on the perfect program with a company that has crapy support. I will try to get ahold of them but it normally takes months to get a responce. I ran this on the last security server with Vusta basic with no problems so maybe the flaw is elswere I dont know.

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