Windows 7 Run XP Mode on Windows 7 Machines Without Hardware Virtualization

One of the neatest new features in Windows 7 Professional and above is XP Mode, but not all machines are capable of running it. Today we show you how to use VMware to run XP Mode on machines without Hardware Virtualization.

How does this work?

Even if your computer doesn't have hardware virtualization, you can still install XP Mode but just cannot run it as you can't run Virtual PC. Enter VMware Player. This free program lets you create and run virtual machines, whether or not you have hardware virtualization. And, it can directly import XP Mode so you can use that copy of XP for free. A couple features are different, but it's still a great replacement since you otherwise couldn't use it at all.

Note: XP Mode does not work on Home Versions of Windows 7 and you'll need VMware Player 3.0
Full details w/screenshots: Run XP Mode on Windows 7 Machines Without Hardware Virtualization - How-To Geek


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All very true but it doesn't take a "How-to-Geek" workaround to do it - Microsoft released XP Mode for systems without hardware virtualisaion months ago - as here for instance:

Is hardware virtualization a must-have to run Windows XP Mode?

No. Windows XP Mode can be run on a CPU without hardware virtualization.

Windows Virtual PC: FAQ

Hi All,

Just to add to the great answers above, Windows XP Mode is part of Windows 7 Professional (and it is not compatible with Windows Home Premium). Further to the link provided above, there's more info and resources on the page at Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7. Here is where you can download the tool: Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

I hope this additional info will help :)

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