rundll32.exe gone crazy

I have about 50+ rundll32.exe processes running at once; to the point it is taking literally 100% of my CPU. I've let it try to run a while to see if ti clears up and multiple reboots. I have disabled all network adapters and I have no firewall/AVG. I'm posting a screenshot so you guys can see this ridiculousness. Can someone please lead me in the right direction of what might be going on? Thank you so much.

If the picture doesn't post right, it's essentially a full page of the process rundll32.exe, each taking different amounts of CPU usage. What gives?

Edit: Flickr and/or the forums aren't allowing me to upload screenshot. :/

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the rundll32.exe is used by numerous apps. Pretty much anything in the control panel, MMC other stuff as well as viruses.

You can get Process Explorer which may help you determine what is using those processes.
Then use Process Monitor to see what is going on.

When used properly,,,,, these are very powerful tools for seeing what exactly is going on with your system.

Same Issue x2.5

I have been having the same problem with this where my computer becomes laggy for no apparent reason. When I look at the processes in Windows Task Manager, I see that there are at least 125 processes running at the same time, the majority of them being rundll32.exe.


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This post is 5 months old and as you can see, the OP never responded. But, did you try what the other responder suggested.

You may want to start a new thread..

I'm sorry. The problem went away as mysteriously as it appeared and I never checked back on here to even realize anyone responded. Thanks to all for the responses. :D


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So you have no idea what was going on or what you did to correct it?

I'm sorry. As you mentioned, it was 4-5 months ago. I'm not even using the RC anymore. I wish I had a more helpful response than "I don't remember". Outside of that issue, whatever it was, I've found Win7 to be very solid.

Anyways, the only thing that I can do to fix it is log out and then back in.
Something that I noticed was that it would (sometimes) happen if I ran a music player (i.e., iTunes).

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