Windows 7 Running 2 monitor screens independently

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    Hi all. I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 and a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW, which are both connected to each other. My graphics card is the NVIDIA 8400 GS and I am using Windows 7.

    I have setup the dual screen e.g. my laptop screen is a mirror image of the Samsung and vice a versa.

    What I want is to run Linux via a virtual machine on the one screen, while reading tutorials and other media on the other screen, with out constantly minimizing and maxing on one screen.

    What is the procedure to do this? Help would be much appreciated.
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    I was searching for a resolution to your issue and actually found an reply on a Windows 8 forum website that I am also a member. I am hoping this will help you out. This also may be your post on this website as well that you may have not yet looked at.
    Below is what was posted by member "FSeal' on the windows 8 forum.

    Instead of "Mirror" you want to "Extend my desktop" on the second display, then you can put the VM fullscreen on one display and use the other display for windows stuff. (Make sure the "windows" display monitor is set as the "primary" monitor)

    You should now be able to drag programs that you launch onto the second screen. The screens will be arranged as you see them on the control panel. so if the secondary monitor is to the right, drag your VM program off the right side and onto the second display.
    There will be no task bar on the second display and no icons unless you drag them there.

    Thank You,
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    I would also extending your Inspiron to the monitor. This is the setup that I am using which works very good to me.
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