Windows 7 running 64bit but gadget requires 32bit sidebar version


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Feb 2, 2009
if dont know if any of you are familiar with the callwave gadget basically its like apple's "visual voicemail" but instead of on your phone its on your desktop so its much more convenient

basically the gadget needs flash to play your voicemail but since their is no 64bit version of flash it cannot run

I came across a post that showed VISTA users that this could be fixed if you make a shortcut to the sidebar in program files x86 and place it into your startup folder this however didnt work
SOURCE: John McClelland's Blog : How to Run Vista Sidebar in 32-bit Mode on 64-bit Vista

so, any ideas?


noone knows how to do this?
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You need to modify your registry to make the "Gadgets" context menu use the 32 bit version of Windows Sidebar.

NOTE: Make sure you backup your registry before you make changes.

1. Run Regedit
2. Take ownership of the following registry folders, and grant yourself "Full Control" privileges.


3. Modify the following registry keys:

In HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DesktopBackground\Shell\Gadgets:

Icon -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe,-100
MUIVerb -> @%ProgramFiles86%\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe,-11100

In HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DesktopBackground\Shell\Gadgets\command:

(Default) -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe /showGadgets

4. Restart your computer.
5. When you Right-Click on the desktop the "Gadgets" item will launch the 32bit version of Windows Sidebar.

This should get you working, until Flash comes out with a 64bit version.

Happy computing!
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