Running vista prog in Win 7 ultimate

I have a program that runs in Vista ultimate OK. When I try to run it in Win 7 Ultimate the diacritics do not show correctly. The programmer is blaming windows 7.
Can I run vista ultimate in the virtual m/c instead of XP mode.

Hi taquito and welcome to the forums.

Two ways to try :

1. Run it in Vista compatible mode:

2. Or you can deploy Microsoft Virtual PC to install and run Vista in virtual environment.

Thanks. I tried the compatability mode. Vista, Vista sp1 and vista sp2. None worked. They (programmers) blame the OS being English as opposed to Czech. I guess I have two options left. Buying a Czech Win 7 ultimate or Using the virtual machine. I cannot be sure their program will work even on a Czech OS. The virtual m/c is obviously free but will I be able to put my previously used Vista there or will I have to buy another Vista OS

Joe S

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There is a Czech language pack available at Windows Update. Did you try that?

Yes. I have tried running In Czech inteface and English interface. Both give the same result. I even tried removing the program and reloading it whilst in the Czech mode but still the same. It runs perfect on Vista Ultimate English.


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What's the name of the program?

Its an accountancy software called Duel. You can find it at Its only two diacritics that fail to display correctly. r with a v above and c with a v above On a czech keyboard they are on top row with key numbers 4 and 5 As I said the prog works fine in Vista but not in 7 even in compatability mode.


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Can you e-mail the software company if you purchased it?

Or is there a support forum

Yes we can email. We also have hotline. We spoke to them but they havent resolved the problem. First call they told us it was the english core of the Win7. So we then did the MUI download and reloaded the prog with CZ MUI running. Got the same result. They are still blaming the english core but say they are looking at the problem. In the meantime we cant use the program.

I would go out and buy a new Czech core win7 and download English MUI but I am just not sure if that would work and if I would be wasting my money. I hate to say this but puting vista there is looking good just now.

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