NEWS Russia's space agency severs ties with the U.S. and its European partners


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The Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) has severed ties with the US and Europe over "a number of issues." Roscosmos says it needs to develop its own manned spacecrafts.

As per the statement from the agency, Russia has developed many of its rockets using American technology and resources that are now being banned. And that was despite the fact that the Americans were providing the Russians with classified data about their own projects.

In addition to this, the Russian space program had been working with NASA until the early 1990s. But after the collapse of the USSR and America’s decision to pull out of the project, Moscow decided to build its own rocket, called Soyuz.

This led to a rift between the two countries who had collaborated together for years.

But the United States and its allies have not given up hope yet. They still want to see Roscosmos return to the ISS under their control.

After the failure of the last shuttle mission, the US government gave Roscosmos $300 million to help bring back some of the supplies left on board.