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i can only connect to internet in safe mode , on three different browsers. i have use several different anti-malware programs with no help ???


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Such behavior would probably indicate that there is a program, process or service starting during normal boot conditions that is not starting under a minimal boot like safemode with networking. You could perhaps use the Clean Boot technique to see if you can track down and isolate the culprit.
Good luck and keep us posted.

i can only connect to internet in safe mode , on three different browsers. i have use several different anti-malware programs with no help ???
i have also used a clean boot with no help[ ...


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Boot your computer normally.
Type msinfo32 into the search box and hit enter
In the System Information Console select file->save from the menu bar
Give it a name and save it to your desktop
Use 7zip or another compression utility to zip it up
Boot into safemode with networking and attach it to your next post, and we'll have a look and see if we can determine what might be the cause.

here is the file requested , once again thanks for time ...


proxy not checked
typed in with same results
have found when i try to log into chrome i can check my mail ?
i can also play online games (starcaft 2 ) , and i can update anti-virus and malware programs .


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Looked through your file that you provided and did not see any glaring problems. Actually looks pretty good generally.
I did notice what looks like some remnants left over from a previous install of AVG so if you've performed an uninstall from the control panel you may want to also consider running the proprietary uninstaller found here just to cleanup the leftovers. I see it looks like you're currently running Avast and I haven't heard of that product causing any such problems.
Since the problem seems only to be impacting your installed browsers try running IE8 without addons, Click start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Internet Explorer (No Addons), additionally consider returning IE8 to its' default condition. Control Panel, Internet Options, Advanced Tab, click restore advanced settings and then the Reset button.
Lastly you're using a program that I'm personally not familar with that is running a service called IS360service, a product associated with IObits 360 security. Consider using the services console
type services.msc into the search box and hit enter
scroll down to IS360service, double click it and set the startup type to manual and stop it, just to see if it may be an issue. Seems like an anti-malware realtime scanner, and some of these programs add BHOs (Browser Helper Objects) that can prove problematic in some cases.
Keep us posted.

cleaneD out AVG , still no browser , is it time to reinstall OS ?

Re: safe mode >> RESOVLED >>


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