Safe to delete Apps.ppkg?


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The following's copied and pasted from Safe to delete Apps.ppkg?.
1. I must reduce HD disk space. How safe is deleting Apps.ppkg? Its size is 3.6 GB. I use Windows 10. I must double check because another program file usmt.ppkg MUST NOT be deleted.

2. I read this abstruse explanation of Apps.ppkg, but I don't understand it. Please explain it like I'm 5?

It doesn't clearly advise if deleting is safe. In actuality, the last sentence suggests that deletion ISN'T safe — because if deleting is safe, why would you need make "a backup of the file on external storage"???


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The answer is maybe with a side of nope. Joking aside I would never advise someone to delete data without knowing what it is. PPKG files are used to deploy both apps and configuration data, so you could technically delete with out any problems up front. If said packages is part of your system manufacturers recovery process you will break said process.

I would instead start by clearing out all temp locations, if hibernate is enable disable it it will save you space equal to the amount of system ram you have. You can also shrink Windows recovery snapshots to safe many GBs and/or run a tool such as TreeSize Free | JAM Software to locate areas of cleanup. You can also reset the update base which will remove all update rollbacks which cane save a lot of space. Doing a reset means you can't rollback updates though. You can also remove unused software. As always research what you're deleting before doing so.