Windows 7 Safe to Remove Hardware" ICON Problem


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All of a sudden my SRH icon stopped working. If I put the cursor over it, it says "Safe To Remove Hardware", but it never opens up. I have a internally connected multi-card-reader that should and did show up, but now doesn't (they show up under my computer).

When I shut down though, it does expand with a message saying their are no devices to remove!

Any ideas?:confused:


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Same issue (or similar)

I too am having this issue. It used to work fine, but now no matter what I plug in, if I try to use the SRH it shows no devices to remove.

If I remove the device, I get no warnings to say "I should have stopped it, blah blah..."



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i'm having the same problem. i did some searching and found this freeware command line app:

Drive Tools for Windows

it's called 'RemoveDrive.' just type the following in the command window:

removedrive e:

replace 'e:' with the drive letter of your usb drive that won't safety remove. it works for me.