same Win 7 OS on two machines ?

I have two HP laptops. One came with Win 7 Pro while the other has home edition. Is it possible to install the pro version on both the machines with the same installation disk.

I think since I own both the laptops and their respective OS, I might try to do that. The main reason is one has a clean installation disk while the other has OS image with all the bundled HP bloatwares which I dont want to go thru.


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It isn't legal to run two installs of the software from one license. And you cannot install one version of the software using a license from another version.

Plus, if you have OEM versions of the software, it cannot be moved from the original machine.

Well, I won't try do anything illegal. Just dont like the bundled image file instead of a standalone OS. I do have OEM version so that answer seems no.

This brings me to another question. Is it okay to download ISO image from direct download links for Windows 7 ISOs
and activate it with my OEM license key ? Will it work ?

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Someone else may know for sure if it would activate using the OEM key, but I do not.

Do you have the Home Basic version, or Home Premium? Since I do not see a download for the Home Basic, that might not be an option.

Otherwise, I would want to make sure I kept the original install safe, possibly by doing a System Image Backup, or obtaining a new hard drive and trying the install with it. But again, the Home version OEM key will not activate a Pro version of the software.

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