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Windows 7 Samsung PC Studio won't work


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May 29, 2009
Hi 2 everyone.

So I got a samsung mobile phone and I use Samsung PC Studio (latest version, upgraded etc) to transfer files. I also can set that mobile phone in "Removable disc" mode, and then I access it like a removable disc (like a flash drive).

But none works. In Studio app my phone isn't recognized, and I can't either do anything in removable disc mode.
I'm using RC1.
Having similar problems with the New Samsung PC Studio

I am currently using Windows 7 RC1 (Build 7100), and cannot get the setup file to complete

I can get the files to extract if I run the installer as an Administrator, but when the actual setup program loads after that it, tries to install but fails

This is the error message I recieve every time:
Link Removed due to 404 Error

No other error messages are coming up
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samsung new pc stuido

I had the same issue. I ran the install .exe in compatibilty mode under windows vista (service pack 2). I can access my samsung impression now. :D
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I also have the same problem
After the installation of the USB drivers (as vista sp 2)
I install pc studio (as vista sp2)
When I try to open the program I get the message (failed to communicate with connection manager)
I solve the problem running first the conMgr and after the PC Studio
You can find the conMgr application at (C:\Program Files\Samsung\Samsung PC Studio 3) ConMgr.exe
[FONT=&quot]You can try to dabble click on it first and after run the PC Studio[/FONT]
Half way there

Hi guys I managed to install the PC studio albeit with some error messages by running the installation program in both compatibility mode for vista and giving admin privileges. Everytime it loads I get a error msg saying

Service Initiali Failed

However the rest of the program continues to load fine. And it seems to have worked with my phone using the USB cable on 3 occasions for me out of about 10 tries. Bluetooth doesn't seem to work either (but thats a separate issue). The USB is also slow when it does work and drops the connection e-radically.

Any ideas??? I've being wandering if some installation files didn't get to their right places during the install. Reinstalling doesn't help either.
samsung pc studio win7 fixed

ok ..had same issues as you all running Win7 ultimate....so i had a play about and got it all working 100%

ok step 1
download this file" 20080616115846062_Samsung_USB_Driver_Installer" (google search it or goto samsung website)

step 2
download this file" Samsung_PC_Studio_323_IF5" (google search it or goto samsung website)

save them to a new folder on your desktop, or to a place you normally download files to (do not open or run them)
right click each exe icon select properties and select compatibility tab
select "Run this program in compatibility for" WINDOWS XP (service pack 2)
also enter a tick in the check box for run as administrator

do this for both .EXE icons

run the usb driver file first
then run the pc studio

the USB files may fail to function at this stage, but its fine ....once you have installed pcstudio..and if you have errors on the USB files run them again....and they will work fine

1 more thing on the PC Studio icon that i splaced on your desktop after installation right click again and select properties compatibility win xp service pack 2 and administrator..and all should work
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Hi, I tried this on Win7 and it didn't work. I then retried it but using Vista (Service Pack 2) compatibility instead of XP and now its working fine.

So basically... do exactly as above but instead of setting it to compatibility mode XP (Service Pack 2) use Vista (Service Pack 2).


So glad it is finally working on my laptop.
I had the problem that i could not sync my phone.
I called Samsung support center and after 10 min speaking to a noob i could talk to someone who could give me some answers..

I seems that Samsung PC Studio does NOT support Windows 7
My contact at Samsung told me that they are busy with recoding PC Studio..
End of the month (about 2 to 3 weeks) PC Studio could be ready for download.

Works with Windows 7 now

Thanks for the USB driver update tip. I got the PC studio to work and able to tether to my phone now.

I downloaded it from Samsung website and installed it. I installed Samsung PC Studio 3.21 GL6 to use with my AT&T A707. I did have to bring up the device manager to force a driver update then point it to the Samsung USB driver folder. After driver is installed correctly, the window 7 found my phone and installed the modem driver.:p

My Win 7 is Home Ultimate.
I originally found this thread after purchasing my Samsung impression and learning that the software would not run on windows 7. I phoned Samsung back in November and the customer service rep basically told me there was no eta on software/drivers for windows 7. I did my best to wait patiently but recently decided to email Samsung support (now being December 09) with hope of receiving some kind of an update. The reply I received was nothing more than a crappy generic template filled with typos. :confused:

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, at this momemt we do not have any information regarding the update driver for Windows 7 operating system. We recommend checking our website under the SGH-a877 frequently for any addtional software updates. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
Thank you for your continued interest in our proudcts.

Technical Support
Anyway just thought i'd post this as an update if nothing else to give people a heads up if they are having the same problem. I have read through many of the hacks to get the software / drivers running. The closest I've gotten was to get the drivers to install but no matter what I did could not get the windows 7 to identify them and they just got pushed into other devices. :(
I Have a Samsung impression and running windows 7 64 bit.
Trying to install drivers and the pc studio on my pc cause my cpu to bug out to the point of not starting up. It would freeze up on the "welcome" screen. I tryed to reinstall windows but kept getting the run around until finally fixing the problem by restoring my computer to an earlier time. Till this day i still cant uninstall some of the drivers.
Now knowing that my new phone, which is needlessly complicated, is unable to share information with my computer makes we wanna throw it in the trash. And for windows 7... Crashing and burning because of a phone driver.. I'm not impressed. Maybe in a few months Samsung will make a compatible pc suite that will work on my pc. Untill then I'm left with a very expensive and very shiny piece of garbage. Both Samsung and Windows are now on my $#!+ list.
This solved my problem. Now I can use my phone as a modem...

Thanks to Gahzee

[quote author=Gahzee link=topic=10344.msg240929#msg240929 date=1262227881]
It works for me. It didn't work at first but I figured out how later on.
I currently have Windows 7, 64 bit.
If you have installed Samsung New PC Studio, go to the folder to where you installed it.
(ie. 64bit: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung' or 32bit: 'C:\Program Files\Samsung'), if you have not installed it yet, you can download it Link Removed due to 404 Error.
Now, in the Samsung folder, there should be a folder named 'PC DLC Driver' (without the '). If you do not have that folder, please reply saying so.
If you have that folder, continue on:
1.) Go to Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel)
2.) Click Hardware and Sound
3.) Click Device Manager (in the Devices and Printers section)
4.) There should be a device named "Unknown Device" or something similar to it, I have no clue since I've fixed it already (sorry!). It should look like this:
Link Removed
make sure Unknown Device is under Other Devices!
5.) Right click the "Unknown Device" and click Properties
6.) Click the Driver Tab
7.) Click Update Driver
8.) Click Browse my computer for driver software
9.) Click Browse
10.) Go to the Samsung folder I mentioned above (32bit: C: -> Program Files -> Samsung -> PC DLC Driver | 64bit: C: -> Program Files (x86) -> Samsung -> PC DLC Driver)
11.) Click PC DLC Driver, make sure it is highlighted.
Link Removed
12.) Click OK
13.) Click Next
14.) Windows will install the driver and everything should work!
If you need more help or it doesn't work, you can ask questions. :)
I hoped this helped!
Thanks for the info, but it only worked when I used compatibility for WINDOWS VISTA SERVICE PACK 2. Your formula was the answer cheers.
No 'PC DLC Driver'


Thank you for posting such an in depth solution! I am responding, as suggested, because I do not have the file named 'PC DLC Driver' in my 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung'. What do I need to do to fix this problem? Can I download the necessary files somewhere?

Thanks for all of your help!

I installed PC Stuido the way Link Removed explained and it worked!! The only thing I did differently was the compatibility...I used Vista service pack 2. WoooHooo!! I've been going crazy trying to figure this out!

Thanks so much!!!!

Thank you for posting such an in depth solution! I am responding, as suggested, because I do not have the file named 'PC DLC Driver' in my 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung'. What do I need to do to fix this problem? Can I download the necessary files somewhere?

Thanks for all of your help!


First you have to install Pc Studio. Then It will appear at this folder 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\PC DLC Driver

I hope it will help to solve
Trying to use Blue Tooth connection (Help !)

I have Win7 32 bit and have tried the above suggestions with no luck. So I am trying to connect using a Blue Tooth connection.
I can get them paired together but PC Studio is saying that it "Can not authenticate the phone"
Can any of you help. I have had this phone for almost 3 months now. Wish I hadn't bought it but am stuck with it now for 2 years. :(

I have tried the hard wired procedure but no luck using that type of connection either.