SATA HD says not formatted in windows 7 or xp

Ok, i had a complete system running windows 7 and i just did a new build. I took my sata hd's out of the first build and used them in the new build. I had a 320g and a 1tb. I installed the 320g by itself and installed w7. Now i plugged in my 1tb drive with all of my personal files that i had backed up and it says that the drive is not formatted. I can go to my computer and it is there, went to disk management and it is active but it only shows like 32mb i think. All my files are on this drive....any help? when i go to properties of my computer it has
partition style:master boot record (mbr)
capacity 32 mb

it now shows the other part of the hard drive but says unallocated. I did use a free file recovery program to look at the drive and all my files are still there.

any help??


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not sure, but did you use any security programs like bitlocker on the drive by chance?


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Have you tried going into control panel and assigning a drive letter?

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