SATA HDD not recognized

I upgraded from XP Pro to Win7 Ultimate using a clean install. My computer box has 2 Sata 3.0 internal hard drives. I used to be able to switch power on to the second drive and XP would recognize it and then I would have access to it.
After installing W7, I can no longer do that. If I reboot and switch power on before it boots, then I do have access.
This is one of those things that is not critical, but is just irritating. Any ideas?


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Just curious as to why you dont leave it enabled all the time if it's internal drive, hotswapping is normally for external drives. also SATA 3.0 (known as SATA6 apparently) isn't widely used just yet so gonna presume ya mean SATA2 (300) rather

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It is used as a storage drive and sometimes a backup drive. I don't use it all the time, so it is off 95% of the time my machine is on, so just want to access it occasionally. Yes, they are both SATA2 drives. If the drives are hot swappable, why won't they work if installed internally? Also, it worked with XP, but not with the new W7 install.


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Have you tried changing the drive order in the bios?


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yea certainly theres no reason why you can't hotswap internal drives...just seemed bit odd. When you have powered it up and doesnt show up have you check in the admin tools / computer management / storage / disk management to see if shows anything there.

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