Windows 7 SATA help pls...

kevin from Chi-town

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Jan 11, 2009
I have HDD installed on slot SATA_0, and stat disk drive installed on SATA_1. Bios doesn't recognize HDD, but it will allow me to install an OS. I'd like to see the HDD in BIOS....any thoughts.

i've alreay moved them to SATA_1 & SATA_2 with same result
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Look at Boot device order in BIOS.
Look at details for HD's in BIOS or check MB manual for jumper settings.
BIOS has to see the HD for your install. Windows can't see a HD that the BIOS doesn't list.

since the bios is setting sata at Native IDE, the was a conflict with another device, (IDE CD-RW). Once removed it was a clean install...thanks
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