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Hello Win 7 x64
With 2 Win 7 machines I am on a homegroup and am sharing files.
problem- when I make a chage in my laptop that I want to take effect in the pc, I am having trouble with the save as function.
I want to use the laptop to change an existing file in the pc
Why can I not just click on 'pc' with the laptop locate the file on the pc, amend it then save it so the chage occurs i the pc as wel as the laptop?
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Re: save as Issue solved

I did not want anyone to consume time working on this issue as I just resolved it.
Once the homgroup is set up -even if you must use an ethernet cable to run from the router to the laptop, to jumpstart the connection and get the pasword set -set up a file on your Win 7 pc. Then using homegroup on the Win 7 laptop go to homgroup and locate the file you want to modify on the pc. Do so and save. This will change the file on the desktop form the laptop.
If Words asks to merge I would suggest a yes.
It may take a few tries as in my case but once the conection is set the filesharing displys integrity.
Off to Win 7 Synctoy

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