"save image as" problem? (related to Library)


I just installed Windows 7 build 7100. Everything works great so far but I noticed when I saved image (Save Image As) in Firefox, it will not show the last folder I saved image at like in Vista. Instead, it'll show Library folder. For example, If I save image in User\Downloads next time it will pop up Library\Downloads, but if I save it in User\My Documents it will pop up Library\Documents.
Since Library is just virtual folder I think I don't like it managed this way. How can I get back to the way Vista handle it, pop up the last folder I save image at?

Also If I press Windows logo and go to Documents in start menu Windows Explorer will pop up Library\Documents instead of User\My Documents. How can I re-route it to User\My Documents like it always was in every Windows? or is this supposed to be "7" things?

This "Library" thing is confusing me a lot. Everything else is very impressive.

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In Firefox, choose Tools > Options, and on the Main tab, you can specify where your download is saved.

I always save all downloads to the desktop, no searching to locate the file you downloaded.

Thank you for fast response. :)
Actually I did just that for the time being. My desktop is very messy though.

So there's no other ways to make 7 behaves like Vista/XP/98 in this case?


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So there's no other ways to make 7 behaves like Vista/XP/98 in this case?
Could you elaborate on you quote above?

Sorry, but I just saved an image from Firefox and it went to the desktop as I originally set in Options.

For you desktop, you could create a folder called Shortcuts and drag all your frequently used shortcuts in that folder on the desktop.

You can also eliminate those shorts if a program group has been install by the installation program.

Could you elaborate on you quote above?
I mean to get rid of Library. To get back to the way Vista/XP/98 originally works. When save image to a location, you save it in a real folder not imaginative folder like Library. And to go to Documents in start menu is to go to my My Documents foler, not Library\Documents. And when you save image you save it in the last place you save your last image, not Library\this or that all the time.
When you want to browse files I can see a use in Library, but managing files, save files Library shouldn't interfere with these.
I can save image on desktop but that's not what I exactly want to manage my files on my computer.

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In Windows Explorer, you can delete the various folder under the Libraries section.

Not sure if this will do the trick, but it's worth a shot.

I researched about Library a bit more and am beginning to understand it & like it. What I originally posted looks now like to be Firefox 3 bug. It should save to the last location no matter there's Library or not.

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