Saving files in Windows 7- files renamed on hover

When saving items, as I hover over existing files in a folder, the document or file that I am saving, the file name changes to whatever I just hovered over. I have saved over the top of 3 existing documents now. Example:
I have doc1, doc2 in folder1.
When I go to save doc3, in folder1, work through the folders to open folder1, as the folder opens and if my cursor hovers over doc2, the file name of doc3 changes to doc2 and if I'm not watching, the data on doc2 is now the data of doc3. Original doc2 is now gone and there is no doc3. It just has to hover, I am NOT clicking doc2! My co-worker has tried to duplicate on his Windows7, it works as expected. His filename remains doc3 while opening folders. He has watched it happen on my Windows7. Is there a setting that we are not aware of?

Otherwise, I am loving Windows 7

File Name change

Am I really the only person having this issue?


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This qualifies go one of Micosoft's strangest errors.

I can't fathom this happening,..

How about you change directory to something other than folder1 and see if it occurs in that directory. Folder 1 located in the root of th C: directory


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You might check the Ease Of Access section under Make the mouse easier to use. There is a setting to allow the mouse to activate a window by hovering.

If not that, maybe you have a mouse or mouse driver problem.

Rename on hover

Great suggestion but there aren't settings for the hovering that I found in that section. Just to "Activate Window on hover." If there is another place, let me know.

Rename on Hover C: Drive and Network

It happens where ever I am saving. My hard drive or on the network. I believe it has to be a setting but I just don't know where to find it.


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In control panel click folder options and on the first tab you can switch to single or double click.


Rename files

I'm not clicking I'm hovering and it's annoying as hell. It is happening on 2 out of 3 setups here in my office. If you think a click setting affects the hover, I will try it but that doesn't really make sense. If my cursor happens to be in the space over an existing file when the folder opens, the hover causes the change. I have to make sure my cursor isn't near the window after clicking to open each folder.


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When you hover over a file you should give you formation about the file.

It's called a tooltip

Fir example,. I hover over a text document and it states Type: Text Document on the first line.

On the second line it states Size in KB

3rd line states Date Modifies.

Try that on a .txt document

Am I on the right track?


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I realsie that you "Hover" but when the option for single click is turned on hover is classed as the first click.


Rename File

Looks like I need to have it on double click! The hover forced the "select" and then the click would process. By changing to "double click" as Basher suggested, then the hover isn't the select but a single click is the the select. As I said, I wasn't clicking the file but the hover was "selecting" it. I couldn't tell you what I had as a setting for xp, I may have had double click???? The Tool tip may make it behave differently then in xp. I think it is fixed. I am now able to "Hover at will" and the file name doesn't change. Thanks everyone for hanging with me!


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Have you tred my post..........#9?

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